Admission Procedure

Provision for admission to B.Ed. College: - selection of candidates for admission to B. Ed. course in every Teacher's Training College affiliated to the University shall be made in accordance with the Result of Pre Teacher Education Test (P.T.E.T.) only.

1. The entrance test (PTET) would be conducted by J.N.V. University, Jodhpur

  • The admissions in the B.Ed. Programme, a student must have at least 50% of the total marks in his graduation level for general, 45% for SC/ST, OBC and Physically handicapped.
  • A student must have two subjects (for two years) in her graduation, which she is adopting for as teaching subjects in the school practice teaching.
  • The qualified students would be allotted different colleges according to the merit list
  • NCTE and the University would authorize any process related to the merit list only.
  • The college will only scrutinize the eligibility, mark - sheets and certificates of the students.
  • If any of the documents of any student is found fake after the admission, the PTET office and the student would cancel her admission immediately herself and her guardians would be responsible for it.
  • Re - admission would be given only by the rules and regulations of NCTE, Jaipur and the University.
  • If a student takes admission by giving false information through improper channel, her admission would be cancelled immediately and the fees will not be returned.
  • Read the prospectus carefully before registering yourself for the B.Ed. Programme.

2. According to the rules and guidelines of the PTET office, all the important documents should be presented in original as well as two sets of their attested photocopies.

  • The graduation certificate and mark sheets (of all the three years)
  • Date of birth certificate.
  • Releasing order from the respective office if working elsewhere.
  • Admit-card of PTET
  • Mark-Sheet of PTET
  • Call letter
  • Certificate of S.T., S.C, O.B.C., Handicapped should be attached and presented.

3. a-  If a student has done her graduation from any university other than Mohanalal Sukhadia University, Udaipur will have to present her migration certificate from that University of she will have to fill in the registration form within a week from the date of admission and send it with the requisite payment to the University through the College.

3.b- If the students passed the final (third Year) year examination of graduation from any University outside Rajasthan, than, she will have to fill the eligibility form with the admission form and send it through the college to the University with the requisite payment.

4. It is unlawful (not allowed) to sit for any examination of state services, private services, or any other University of board after the admission other than B.Ed, after admission in B.Ed. Programme. A Student can also not go for any kind of course other than B.Ed, after getting admission; her admission would be cancelled immediately.

5. If a person is employed in any state-service or any other kind of job, she will have to bring the relieving order during admission and only after can pay the requisite amount of fees of admission would be cancelled immediately as soon as she is found guilty.

6. A student should get certificates and documents checked by the concerned officer incharge and get the admission order from the Principal. She should get the registration number by showing the payment (of fees) receipt and attain the admission card with attested photograph on it by the Principal. The Students will be responsible for the safety of the admission card.

In special circumstances, duplicate admission would be issued on the payment of Rs. 10/-(Rupees ten only)

6. Pregnant women should not take admission in the B.Ed. Programme.

Rules & Regulation

Attendance Rules

  • It is Compulsory for all B.Ed, students to attend all classes and activities during the session including open air session.
  • No Leave will be permitted during main activities viz. Micro Teaching, Open Air Session, Practice Teaching & Block Practice Teaching.
  • No Activities will be repeated for any students under any circumstance. If any student fails to attend any activity, she will be responsible for it. She will loose the marks allotted for it.
  • 75% of attendance is compulsory. Every student teacher will be allowed to appear in the annual examination only on completing the required attendance as prescribed by the University.
  • Irregularity in attendance will affect from marks of all activities.
  • Every student is expected to maintain decorum & good conduct of behavior with in college campus.
  • If a student is absent for seven days continuously without permission, her name would be cut from the call roll register. She will have to re-enter her name in the register after paying a fine of Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred Only).
  • It is compulsory for the students to be present in the assembly.
  • According to the rules of the University, U.G.C. and N.C.T.E., it is compulsory to have 200 (Two hundred) working days and 75% (Seventy Five percent) attendance.

Examination Rules:

  • All candidates will be allowed to offer such subjects and papers for an examination offered by the college for its regular students. They will not be allowed to offer those subjects or paper for the examination, which are not offered by the college.
  • A candidate is not permitted to appear at two Degree/Diploma/Certificate examination of the University in one and the same academic Year.
  • A Failure appearing at the examination in subsequent year shall be required to appear in accordance with the existing scheme and syllabus in force.
  • Supervision of any material fact in the examination/enrollment form will be viewed seriously and may lead to cancellation of examination and result if contrary facts are noticed later on.
  • The original documents other than migration and T.C. will be returned to the candidate concerned after verification of the attested copies with original by the college concerned. Only the attested copies of the required from documents should be sent to the university along with examination application form and/or enrollment form.
  • A candidate who is not enrolled in this University or appearing at the examination for the first time shall fill in the enrollment form and submit migration certificate along with original documents with attested copies. A candidate who is already enrolled must mention his enrollment number in the specific column on application form.
  • A candidate who is not bonafide of Rajasthan she has to submit eligibility form.
  • A Candidate has the option of using English or Hindi as a medium of answering paper at the examination.

Library Rules:-

  • Maintain silence in the library.
  • Each reader will get two-reader tickets after showing identity Card.
  • Personal books, bags & mobile are not allowed in the library.
  • In case of damage of book or if a book is lost student is liable to replace the book or to pay its double cost.
  • Management can impose penalty for mishandling of book.
  • Reference books, Journals not to be issued to any student.
  • Library timings will be from 9:30a.m. To 3:30 p.m.
  • No book will be issued without reader card. On damaging or misplacing reader’s card, it should be obtained from the office.
  • Student should deposit books before 7days of exams otherwise she will not get no-dues certificate.
  • Books will be issued to students for 7days. After seven days librarian can reissue the books as per demand of students.
  • Fine Rs. 10 is per day volume
  • Four books will be issued to each staff member.
  • Books will be issued for fourteen days for staff.
  • Keep books & magazine on shelf after reading.
  • Catalogue cards will be made by the classified catalogue code scheme.
  • If librarian goes for any official work & meetings library shall remain closed.
  • Every year library physical verification report will be submitted to the concern authority with right of books.
  • Book Bank books should be returned with in 7 days of exams. Books should be in good condition otherwise charge will be taken.

Other Rules:

  • Every candidate for admission must satisfy the Principal that the circumstances of her family are not likely to interfere.
  • Be punctual and maintain discipline in the college.
  • The college welcomes suggestions through suggestion box.
  • All other rules and regulations framed by the College should be followed.